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5 Best Python frameworks to enhance coding experience in 2021

Python has come up as a great platform for web applications in the past few years. It has become a major choice for the developers and with several frameworks added to it, it is now becoming extremely popular in the market. Python is also increasing in popularity with major features like functionalities, uniqueness, and general […]

What’s new in PHP 8 – Part 2(Breaking changes)

As mentioned in previous post What’s new in PHP 8 – Part 1(New features) : this is a major update and thus there will be breaking changes. The best thing to do is take a look at the full list of breaking changes over at the UPGRADING document. Many of these breaking changes have been deprecated […]

What’s new in PHP 8 – Part 1(New features)

PHP 8 is here! It was released on November 26, 2020. You can download it here. It’s a new major version, which means that it will introduce some breaking changes, as well as lots of new features and performance improvements. Besides breaking changes, PHP 8 also brings a nice set of new features such as the […]

Python is the most preferred programming language in 2020

Programming languages play a vital role in a programmer’s life to help build a great career, especially when the software world is full of thousands of programming languages. As a matter of fact, more than 50 programming languages have been added in this year’s Code Gladiators event, an annual coding competition by TechGig, to give […]

How To Remove Category From Your WordPress URLs

Categories are a very important feature of any WordPress website. They are very helpful to maintain or browse a website. They tell you what’s related to what and they give your visitors a good way to browse your site. But sometimes they are not serving your URL structures. Then what should you do? Don’t worry […]

How to know That Your WordPress Site is Hacked

1.Sudden Drop in Website Traffic If you look at your Google Analytics reports and see a sudden drop in traffic, then this could be a sign that your WordPress site is hacked. There are many malware and trojans out there that hijack your website’s traffic and redirect it to spammy websites. Some of them don’t redirect logged […]