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Node.js vs the Browser : What are the big differences

Differences between Node.js and the Browser Both the browser and Node.js use JavaScript as their programming language – but the literal Run Time Environments are different. Building apps that run in the browser is a completely different thing than building a Node.js application. Despite the fact that it’s always JavaScript, there are some key differences that make […]

How to publish your package on NPM

How to publish your own package Several developers feel the need to use some functionality of one project in another. Normally, the developer copies code from one project and pastes in another but if it is common functionality that may be used in several projects its a better and good practice to publish your reusable […]

An Introduction to the npm : An Absolute Beginner’s Guide

npm is the standard package manager for Node.js. In January 2017 over 350000 packages were reported being listed in the npm registry, making it the biggest single language code repository on Earth, and you can be sure there is a package for (almost!) everything. It started as a way to download and manage dependencies of Node.js […]

MEAN stack or MERN stack : Which is best

Within the JavaScript ecosystem, a particular app will consist of a combination of technologies, called a “stack.” The MEAN, MERN, and MEVN (pronounced “Mevin”) stacks are among the most popular technology stacks that developers use to create websites and mobile applications. But, what are the major differences between these stacks? And, do developers prefer one […]

The V8 JavaScript Engine : A high-performance JavaScript engine

In this V8 introduction, we will ignore the implementation details of V8: they can be found on more authoritative sites (e.g. the V8 official site), and they change over time, often radically. What is V8 javascript engine? V8 JavaScript engine was initially developed for Google Chrome and Chromium web browsers to improve the performance of JavaScript […]

Why use node.js for backend : A complete case study with pros and cons

With so many frameworks available, sometimes it is hard to decide on something new and different. In the case of Node.js, you probably have heard sentences like ‘JavaScript runtime’ or ‘event-driven’ or ‘operates on a single thread event loop’ and have been wondering what it all means. After over 20 years of stateless-web based on […]