5 Best Python frameworks to enhance coding experience

Python, developed by Guido van Rossum, is considered one of the major programming languages in the world that is highly popular among developers. It is a great open-source platform that covers all the major requirements of the developers that include backend web development.

However, it is not as simple to work on Python as one would like to believe. Just like other platforms or programming languages, Python has its own set of benefits and challenges that makes it a great platform for development.

Here are the major benefits of Python as the programming language followed by its challenges.

Pros of Python

  1. Beginner-friendly – Python is an ideal platform for beginners since it is easy to learn and understand. It is a great programming language that doesn’t include a lot of technicalities or big problems cause of small mistakes. It includes a few complexities that can be tried by developers with zero background in coding.
  2. Large Community – Python has a large community of developers, professionals, and students helping each other to bring out the best in the platforms. It is a great platform for beginners since they will have all the help from knowledgeable developers with years of experience.
  3. Flexibility – Python is an extremely flexible language that makes it ideal with minimum complexities and helps in keeping the worries of developers aside. It also is flexible enough for learners, developers, and users that is easy to take actions and build new features as the dynamically-types languages.
  4. Integrated Development Environment – This is another aspect that makes Python an ideal platform since it includes the IDEs and Integrated interactive shell. It makes it easier to code and run in a single place. This makes it easy for auto-complete, syntax highlighting, and automatic datatype assignment.

Cons of Python

  1. Work Environment – It is not easy to fulfill or practice Python without a work environment. However, it is essential to set up the environment which is not easy at all. Some many troubles or issues can come up while setting up such environments that can affect the programming experience for beginners. Hence, it is best to go for Python IDEs and then set up the environment using official guides.
  2. Compiler Error – This is a real thing if you don’t know how to use the IDEs properly. It can demotivate the developers while executing the code. However, Python has inbuilt features like a shell script that helps in accessing the code in the less complex process.
  3. Coding – If you are a beginner, then the worst thing that will happen is that you have no idea where to begin from. What you will code to learn the platform is something that all the developers struggle with. Ti is essential to find something that can be easy and interesting to code that can give a better understanding of what to do and what not to do while starting the first code.