Top 5 Programming languages in 2022

Around two decades ago, coding was considered as the future of the technical world that is now true. The sentimental value of coding has increased at a remarkable rate and is even going high with time.

Now, as we are stepping into 2022, we must be aware of the coding languages and the growth of the platform with time. The average salary of coders, nowadays, is more than $22,000 annually. Hence, it is time to solidify your future goals of building a career in programming and dive deep into the coding world. Below are the Top 5 Programming languages in year 2022.

1. Python
For the last few years, we have witnessed remarkable growth with a broad spectrum of future. It has become a popular programming language that is opening endless opportunities for the coders including AI programmers, engineering, data scientists, and many more. It is a great platform if the coders want to kickstart their career in robotics and artificial intelligence.

2. Ruby
If you want to dive into some new mobile application idea then it is best to go ahead with Ruby that allows developers to work on several frameworks. It helps the developers to work on the development with a solid base on the idea and walk into the development process.

3. Java
Java is a great platform for mobile app development that is now growing at a vast rate. It is a leading programming language that is used for website and Android app development for years. Hence, it is best to dive into the platform and pick up a course to learn more about this platform for building blocks to be a full-fledged developer.

4. Javascript
Javascript is currently one of the most popular web programming languages and can run for almost any type of application (e.g. server, mobile, cloud, micro-controllers, etc…). Javascript reached it’s a peak in popularity during the early days of web-development and since then has had a quite steady trend during the last decade.

5. PHP
This programming language is famously known for web development and as a scripting platform. It is ideal to develop home phases, set up a server, and work on some amazing design ideas. It includes several courses that allow developers to understand with the combined knowledge of PHP and Python for maximum capabilities.


Overall Python and Javascript are certently two of the most popular in top 5 programming languages right now. Although, different alternatives such as Julia, Go and Scala are now starting gaining more and more attention from the job market thanks to their various benefits (potentially in the same way like Python did during the last decade).