Top programming languages in 2023

As technology updates, there are new coding languages created every year to keep up with the rapid developments. Yes, there are specific roles and jobs that require you to learn a particular language, but most jobs and companies require a wide understanding and knowledge of languages.

Knowledge of multiple languages lets you apply for your preferred jobs, ask for a better pay pack from your employer, and overall turns you into a versatile developer. Here are some top programming languages that you should learn in 2023.


For developers working on server-side and client-side programming, JavaScript is a popular coding language. What makes JavaScript a one-hit-wonder is its high speed, regular updates, and its compatibility with other programming languages.


Easy to learn with a well-structured code, Python is the most popular coding language amongst the developers. Python is largely used in Machine Learning, web and desktop applications, and GUI applications. Since it offers a large variety of open-source libraries, application development becomes extremely easy with Python.

Declared by Android as its official language, Kotlin interoperates with Java, making Android development faster and easier. Due to its strong tooling support, Google will soon be promoting Kotlin more than Java. Most apps that run on Java are being rewritten in Kotlin and thus, it becomes essential to learn this language in 2020.

Java has been the most popular programming language for server-side applications for almost 24 years now. Java is an object-oriented programming language and is the most preferred language for developing platform-independent and robust applications. Easier to learn and manage, this language requires no hard infrastructure and is easier to learn than other languages, such as C++ or C.

A fairly new one of the top programming languages, Go is the fastest growing language on GitHub, expected to replace languages like Java and C++. Owing to it solving issues like slow compilation, Go is the fifth most preferred language among developers, according to a survey by Stack Overflow.

Even a basic knowledge of C# opens the doors of opportunities for you as a developer. Generally used for developing mobile apps, games, and enterprise software, the language was developed by Anders Hejlsberg led Microsoft and team. C# is a lot similar to Java and for people with basic knowledge about C, C++, or Java, learning C# can turn out as a cakewalk.

Having a thirst for learning as many programming languages as possible can be seen in every aspiring developer and coder. Learning top programming languages according to their popularity and the career growth associated with them can help you reach the height of success you deserve, in the near future.